The Marriage of Lights - Pendant

Pendant and Necklace from Copper and Fine Silver with Bone Hand Carved Sun and Moon Faces.

This 'marriage of lights' talisman is a combination of astrological, alchemical and magical concepts and symbolism. The roots of these talismans are profound in their uses and meanings. Originating from an age when the Sacred and Spiritual Marriage of the Sun and the Moon was considered the symbol of the union of the most basic archetypal polarities in the nature of both the Cosmos and of the Soul.

The marriage of the Sun and Moon - One active (sun) and the other receptive (moon), the sun and moon are the rulers of the most basic breath and rhythm of life. Bringing a sense of union, of unity, of connection and life in balance with love, this pendant talisman is to open the door to new relationships or reinforce the shared love with a partner. 

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