Love Letters - Bronze Athame / Letter Opener With Labradorite


Inspired by the connectivity of the love left behind by those who have passed, the sense of togetherness even when separated.


When the reflection of the soul is represented by that special someone, their essence is seen in the world around us. Departed from view, each thought of them is a reminder of the eternal shared love. This is "Love Letters".


Containing over 100 hours of meticulous hand forming and carving, this majestic piece of Art was featured in the Sooke Fine Arts Show 2018. The front contains a high grade Labradorite with wonderful blue flashes (Labradoresence) and is accompanied by a second Labradorite that centers the piece. The small Labradorite is companioned with the same size Labradorite on the reverse of the piece.


Each piece was formed to give a beutiful symetry. A classical green patina (oxidization) has been applied to re-create the antique feeling. The family heirloom that has be passed along and containing the essence of the loved one.


Along with this piece, a complimentry handmade customstorage box is included. Hand finished with teak oil (only natural products used), the capsule is made of walnut wood and decorated with a strip of wenge wood.


Love is blind to the eyes, it is seen with the heart. For every moment that the love of those who have passed is felt, this is their "Love Letter".


Width: 10 cm / 4"
Length: 18 cm / 7.08”



    Sky-And-Beyond | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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