InnerWorld OuterWorld - Fine Silver / Labradorite

**** This piece is no longer available ****

This beautifully hand formed fine silver pendant was inspired by separated unity of existence. The minds distraction from the connectivity to all life. "Unity" 

InnerWorld OutterWorld depicts the unity of opposites that is life. 
•	For when darkness falls there will be light, without one the opposite has no existence.
•	For unity is only separated by thought. 

  Hand carved and formed from Fine Silver, the bottom of the pendant is decorated with woven forms depicting the pool of souls connected by love. The top of the pendant illuminated by the glowing sun of the Labradorite, depicts the constant flow of thought. Both worlds embrace the majestic Labradorite gemstone that represents the love that binds both worlds.  The wonderful Labradorite gemstone with amazing flashes forms the centerpiece cradled by a crown of fine silver. To project the concept of the equality of opposites, the reverse of this pendant represents natures ever present role in unity. The pendant is designed to be reversible, whether by intention or incident. 

Suspended from a Sterling Silver necklace that contains a matching Labradorite gemstone that is also set in a crown setting and a decorative hand forged silver clasp. 

This beautifully crafted pendant is intended as a talisman for acceptance and healing. To bring focus to what is really important in life and letting go of the minds interpretation of "important". To letting go of the bonds created by the thoughts of others that go against our hearts true calling and embracing the love that is beyond!

Pendant Length : 7 cm / 2.75”
Pendant Width : 3.5 cm / 1.37”
Necklace Length : 44 cm / 17.5”
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    This creation is a unique signature piece and will not be reproduced.
Sky-And-Beyond | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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