Heart & Soul - Sterling Silver / Cubic Zirconia


This wonderfully hand formed sterling silver ring was created based on the concept of an amazing gentleman as a gesture of love.


The ring was handmade in .960 Sterling Silver and contains a high grade ruby cubic zirconia. This anotomically correct heart is supported by vines representing the endless growth of love on one side. The opposing side, the heart is supported by anotomically correct human bones representing the healing quality of love.


The addition of a light patina (oxidation) highlights the intricate details and sets the stage for the ruby.


Heart & Soul is intended as a talisman to the enduring love of a man when he recognizes the deep connection to a woman with a healing spirit.

A message, to be the constant reminder that the energy invested in the caring of others, is to embrace the love that is life.


Ring size - 
US / CAN: 8

    Sky-And-Beyond | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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