Glow With The Flow - Fine Silver / Amber

This wonderfully hand formed fine silver pendant presents a beautiful heat treated Amber gemstone that flashes with a glittering effect. The asymmetrical design combines a minimalist setting with a decorative bouquet of ornate petals. 

Glow With The Flow - For when the mind is released from the flood of lifes' distractions, replaced with passion and presence, the "Flow" is attained. From within the realm of the Flow, emerges all that is required to be astounded by the limitless creativity within. To produce beauty, just to see it exist and to share the feelings that produce the "Glow".

The Amber is a representation of "the knowledge of the ancestors" which is often metaphorically used to refer to the state of consciousness from where "the answers" arise. With hand carved details that form a bouquet as a representation of "The Gift", this piece offers a path to creativity. A path to the answers of unspoken questions.

This piece has a medium patina (oxidization) to give it the effect that the piece is an ancestral heirloom that contains the wisdom of family pasted. To compliment this effect, a smooth satin finish has been applied to the silver with high gloss highlights.

The pendant is suspended from a sterling silver chain that has a matching patina and contains a handmade fine silver clasp and a Labradorite charm to enhance focus.

Release your creativity and Glow With The Flow!

Pendant Length : 7 cm / 2.75"
Pendant width : 2.5 cm / 1"
Necklace : Suspended from a 58.4 cm / 23"
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    This creation is a unique signature piece and will not be reproduced.
Sky-And-Beyond | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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