Desert Rose - Fine silver / African Swali Rose Agate / Pink Tourmaline

*** This creation is only available as a commission order ***


Hand-formed in 0.999 fine silver with Swali Rose Agate, this pendant represents the source of the many perceptions of who we think we are. The search for Love with the mind (desert) that ends when the connection of Souls blossoms into life (Rose).

"I dream of love, as time runs through my hands. Sweet Desert Rose, each of her veils, a secret promise " - Desert Rose, Sting

The wonderful Swali Agate was hand cut and polished by an amazing Lapidary artist Kristine Gniot specifically for this pendant. The gemstone crowns the floral design hand formed and carved in fine silver. In addition to the central gemstone, a Pink Tourmaline gemstone along with a ruby red Garnet each complement the milky pink of the Swali Agate.

Intended as a talisman, a constant reminder that ecstasy is only to be found in those moments that require no words. When we embrace, the union is complete. To allow words to pass with no judgement bringing the peace of Soul to the present.

Suspended from a stainless steel collar necklace.

When we let go of "Me" and become "Us"......The "Desert Rose" comes into bloom. - Styve

Pendant Length: 5.5 cm / 2.16"
Pendant Width: 3 cm / 1.18"
Necklace Length: Personalize at checkout (18" - 26" included)

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