It is our pleasure to share Rodis' creations with you, may it be in the visual form, may it be in the form of the story that touches or may it be in the form of one of our creations joining your reality!


Jewelry by Rodi

Rodica Frunze, MD, PhD

Award winning jewelry artist

Born many moons ago in the small eastern European country of Moldova, Rodi Frunze (Dr. Rodi) has always had a profound interest in human physical and psychic abilities and in the relationship between them. In psychiatry she saw the promise of a deeper understanding of the human psychic abilities. This lead to many years of studies from medicine to the practices of ancient healing practices.

In 2011, Rodi made an important life change and moved to Montreal, Canada. A new reality was revealed when she met her partner soul mate Steve and together their excursions into the nature of life opened the door to boundless love.

Their common interests of the Cosmos (Rodi through to lens of Astrology and Steve through the lens of Astronomy) combined with the essence of human life beyond the minds ego culminated in the concept of Sky And Beyond.

For many years Rodi has seen beautiful jewelry within her dreams, pieces that seemed to be part of her history and contained a deep sense on symbolism. With the encouragement of Steve, Rodi researched techniques of wire wrapping. Her creations demonstrated an innate creative talent with a level of complexity that would normally take many years to accomplish.

As Rodi gained the mastery of her techniques her personal style flourished. Talented does not fully convey the “Gift” Rodi has for the creativity portrayed in her pieces. Along with each creation a story evolves from the relationship between the piece and the experiences of love reflected in the reality we call life. Each design captures the focus of one of the many facets of the experience of love, be it the smallest gesture or the enlightenment of self realization.

Her creations in essence are an embodiment of a life surrounded by love, not a marketing ploy, not a conceptualized love, but the observation of the feelings of love that are ever present.  

Rodi searched for a way to capture her inspirations and start to work on the pieces while the dream is still clear in her memory. In 2014, Rodi started to research and explore the medium of PMC. Rodi has produced pieces that have garnered the recognition and praise of a number of established jewelry artists. With her gifted creativity, Rodis works aim to touch the deepest personal feelings and invoke a sense that we live in a beautiful dream we call reality.

 Saul Bell Winner 2016 Rodi Frunze

The recognition of Rodis art by winning the 2016 Saul Bell Design Award reflects the pure artistry of her work. From an artist profile at Artsy Nature to a number of pieces winning juried jewelry design competitions demonstrates that the pure essence of Rodis artistry touches the soul.

Timeless Designs of Rodi

Jewelry Design by Rodi Frunze 

Each creation contains a piece of Rodis life, 20 - 50 hours in fact. Meticulous planning, hours of focused carving or hand-forming, precise calculation, gemstone analysis, focus to balance and presentation of light, are but some of what it takes to bring her creations into being. 

 Heron Of Fensalir - by Rodi Frunze