Can I reserve a creation or pay installments?
To reserve a creation (30 days), simply purchase using the "Lay-Buy installment plan payment option. Contact us before the 2nd automatic payment passes on your credit card and we will send to a link to pay the full balance.

For more details on installment payments, view the Installment Payments page from the menu.
Do you ship internationally?
Although there are a few countries excluded due to highly unreliable postal services (courier options are required), we ship to all countries.

We do not ship to locations that are restricted by international embargoes or restricted by Canadian law.
Do you accept returns?
As part of our "Satisfaction Assurance", you can return your purchase. Refunds for returned items are subject to a %3 payment processing fee deduction.

Commission orders may be returned, however, a refund is provided only once the creation has re-sold.
Can I be sure of the quality?
Our 100% Satisfaction Assurance Policy provides you with a guarantee of quality of workmanship.