Jewelry care, part of the Love affair!

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Caring for your jewelry creation by Rodi

All of Rodis creations contain either pure (0.999%) fine silver, sterling silver (0.925%), bronze or copper that are oxidized (tarnished) during the creative process to give an antique look and feel to the piece. Each piece is then polished which gives a shine to the non-oxidized areas.

Upon request, creations may be coated sealer to stabilize the oxidization and minimize the staining of the skin for copper or bronze. 

This process will ensure that your creations look is maintained for a long time based on your usage. As the sealer is an organic natural product, it will eventually provide less protection to the elements over time.


We recommend that you avoid exposing your piece to certain elements that will;

  1. remove or degrade the sealer (if applied),
  2. speed up the tarnishing of the metals removing the polished luster.


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  • Your creation was shipped in a beautiful presentation box. Storing your piece in the box will reduce the chance of damage and reduce tarnishing. We recommend that you store your creation in the provided "anti-tarnish"  plastic bag to keep the air and humidity from tarnishing.
  • Always ensure that your jewelry pieces are completely dry before you put them away.

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  • Avoid wearing your piece in swimming pools or hot tubs. The chemicals in the water will damage the finish of your jewelry.
  • Remove rings or bracelets before washing the dishes or any cleaning that may;
    • expose the piece to harsh cleaning products
    • expose your piece to scratching or impacts.

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  • The polishing cloth provided with your creation can be used each time you wear the creation. It will help maintain the luster and should last for quite some time (1 year?) depending on usage.
  • Occasionally (2-3 times per year), clean your piece with warm water and a mild liquid soap mix. Gently pat dry. This will help to remove any build up of cleaner from the polishing cloth.
  • If you find that your piece has tarnished, you can restore it to its natural shine by gently polishing with the polishing cloth provided. If this does not remove the oxidation, a very fine steel wool can be used. Caution: proceed gradually to ensure that you are not removing the areas of intended oxidization.

Following these simple tips will ensure that the joy contained within your creation will be passed on through generations as a heirloom. The creation will contain your essence for future owners.

Adorned in beauty, surrounded by love!