Wire Wrapping Showcase

Attention AUDIO!

You will find below, some of Rodis inspired wire wrapping pieces.


Take your time and enter into the story (click / tap the image to access) behind each creation as the story reveals the inspiration of the piece.


Our goal is to inspire.....

Inspire you to either aquire one of Rodis creations or to make your own jewelry!

If you would like to make your own jewelry, why not try our Sky Guide Tutorials?


We not only authorize, but also encourage you to replicate the pieces on this page for your personal use. However, should you wish to use your pieces for commercial purposes, we kindly request that you contact us before. This is to respect our customers who purchased these pieces as "one of a kind" and will avoid any copyright infringement.


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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who am I? For you are Love and you are Fear, For you are the reflection of everything dear, Look within me and you will see, beyond the fear is all you can be! - Steve


This amazing mirror was inspired by the self reflection that serves to observe life beyond thought.

Sky-And-Beyond | Nanaimo | British Columbia | Canada
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The joy of sharing!

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